Ready Resilience Roadmap™​

Helping busy people boost their resilience with 24/7 virtual support

What if you could still boost your wellbeing & resilience no matter how busy you are, and access 24/7 virtual support anytime, anywhere?


Ready Resilience Roadmap™​ is a unique app and framework program which has been developed based on neuroscience - the science of the brain.


Created for busy people on the go, this 100% science-based program is designed to fit into your lifestyle by using the power of micro-task learning.


With the Ready Resilience Roadmap™ you’ll be guided through exactly what to quickly do, step-by-step, so you only focus on what really works and don't waste your time.


Best of all, it's fun to learn and you can use immediately - anytime, anywhere.


You will have skills that you can use for the rest of your life

A total value of $5,500

Get started today for just $495

Prices in AUD$. Payment plan also available.

Tell me if this sounds like you ...

  • Are you often overwhelmed or feeling stressed?
  • Do you find yourself struggling under too much pressure or feeling out of control?
  • Overthinking or constantly worrying too much?
  • Do you have days when even small things can feel hard to deal with?
  • Feeling anxious about difficult relationships at work or home?
  • Have you lost your confidence or ability to cope as well?
  • Do you find yourself dwelling more on the negative?
  • Do you no longer have the same energy or enthusiasm that you used to?
  • Are you often exhausted at the end of the day or week?
  • Are you frustrated that what worked in the past no longer seems to?
  • Do you worry about out how this might be impacting your long-term health?
  • Wanting support anytime, anywhere but don't have a big budget?
  • AND to top it off, too busy to find the time to organise a solution?

If that sounds familiar to you, then you're in the right place.

We all face big and small challenges through life.

Whether it's work stress, moving house, breakups, getting stuck in traffic, staying motivated & positive, difficult relationships, etc.


There is so much that resilience can help you deal with and prepare for.

Resilience can help you:

  • Feel confident, calm & in control
  • Manage stress & anxiety better
  • Anticipate challenges proactively
  • Learn strategies that help every day
  • Improve your positivity & enthusiasm
  • Deal with challenging relationships
  • Achieve your goals despite adversity
  • Improve wellbeing & mental health


Program Overview

The program is delivered online and content is drip-fed to you in small blocks of time (micro learning) to enabling you to focus on each topic.


At the start of your program you'll be given access to your Ready Resilience Virtual Coach App, which includes your initial Scientific Personal Resilience Assessment. Upon completion, it will generate your Personal Resilience Report which will be emailed to you highlighting the resilience areas to focus on the most.


You will then be guided through a 12 week transformational framework:

  • Daily 5-7 minutes virtual coaching exercise (read, practice or watch)
  • Weekly email 'dose of resilience' on subjects like motivation, memory (x12)
  • Monthly on demand 'neurohack' webinars to embed learning further (x3)
  • 24/7 access to the virtual coaching app for learning & support when needed

You will have access to the virtual coaching app for a total of 12 months. Plus you can undertake the Scientific Personal Resilience Assessment again to see how your resilience has improved.   


You'll also be notified or prompted for everything! How easy is that?

  • Resilience Assessment

    Initial personal scientific

    resilience assessment & report

  • Virtual Coach App

    24/7 via your phone, tablet or computer (12 months access)

  • Program Portal

    Access webinar recordings, downloads & resources

  • Weekly Focus Email

    Weekly focus on areas such as motivation, memory and more

  • Monthly Sessions

    A deeper dive into popular topics on demand & shared each month

  • Resilience Tracking

    Followup assessment & report to see your transformation

I feel better equipped to deal with life's everyday pressures after completing the Ready Resilience program.


I found the calming framework particularly helpful. I liked the tips around managing emotions to remain calm and in control. Thank you.



I got lots of useful strategies to help me manage feeling overwhelmed with my hectic life.

It is great to understand how our thoughts and responses shape our perception.

Being able to rewire my brain after a lifetime of anxious thinking is helping me feel more in control and the downloadable resources are excellent.


Business Owner

I know my resilience has improved and I'm getting that feedback from people close to me too. I also feel better and definitely more positive than I was.


The app tasks were short and I could fit them into my day. I liked that each week there was a new topic as it kept it interesting.




Program Content

During your program you will expertly guided through the following six modern domains of resilience. Focusing on these domains has been proven to give you an overall balanced transformation and life-time skills.

You will first learn About Resilience, and the fundamental neuroscience of resilience.


The Vision Domain is about clear goals and a sense of purpose. It is also the most important aspect of resilience since it guides how you use all the other domains of resilience. You'll learn about the basic needs of the brain, the rules of congruence to create positivity, and how goals & meaning change your brain.


The Composure Domain focuses on staying calm and in control. It includes techniques for stress management to quickly regain composure, how to regulate emotions, the interpretation bias and how it affects your mind, and a powerful technique to change how you see challenges.


The Reasoning Domain is about problem-solving, resourcefulness and thinking through stress. This domain looks at your critical thinking skills, as well as an often overlooked aspect about resilience - proactiveness. You'll learn ways to improve resourcefulness, discover what type of thinker you are and how that impacts your resilience, and about anticipating adversity.


The Tenacity Domain is about being persistent while always learning along the way. You'll learn why persistence is more important for achieving your goals than intelligence, how your beliefs about stress affect your health, and how to turn mistakes into personal improvement.


The Collaboration Domain focuses on investing in quality relationships given we are social beings. Human connection and support networks help you through tough times, and to enjoy the good times. You'll discover ways to build your support network, a little known fact about support perceptions, and collaboration skills to improve your ability to connect and network.


The Health Domain is a foundational domain of resilience. When it comes to resilience, looking after your body is really about maintaining a healthy brain. You'll discover an important key to brain survival and growth, ways to get better sleep straight away, and nutritional brain guidelines.

Within the Ready Resilience Virtual Coach App you will also have access to:


The Rewire 14 Day Program, so you can change your thoughts and behaviours to navigate through some of the more difficult situations you may face. This program applies the concepts of cognitive behavioural therapy, with the aim of rewiring the neural pathways in your brain to help you achieve a more construction mindset. You can use the Rewire Program multiple times with different challenges.


A Financial Resilience Module that can help you learn the fundamentals of personal finances and stay on track so you reduce any associated stress. It includes a Financial Resilience Check assessment & scorecard.


A Mind & Mental Health Module as understanding your own mind is an important part of personal growth and developing a deep confidence in yourself. These assessments & scorecards include a Enjoyment & Depression Check, Calmness & Anxiety Check, Relaxedness & Stress Check, and a Personality Profile Test.


A Job Seeker 21 Day Resilience Module to help you build a mindset of resilience along with practical skills to help you on your journey to secure a job.


The Ready Resilience Roadmap program is not a replacement for therapy or working with a medical professional. If you feel you need more help while going through the program, there is a Helpline in the App menu with contact details of support organisations. Depending on your answers, the App may also prompt you to consider getting further professional help. 


There is also In-The-Moment Help:

  • Access quick techniques to help you overcome and persist
  • Feeling stressed, sad or anxious? Chat with the AI-powered virtual coach and work through whatever is on your mind. 
  • A judgement-free space so you can reflect on what's happening in your life
  • Helps you with adversity when you need it
  • Track your mood over time
  • Feeling NQR (not quite right)? Your virtual coach can help you discover a mentally strengthening activity

Increased Resilience

Users are 25% more resilient within first few months which is very impactful.

Easy to Use

95% of users find the Virtual App easy and engaging.

Improved Performance

91% of users improve from active participation.

Higher Satisfaction

Users have a 83% higher job satisfaction when using the Virtual App.

Ready Resilience Roadmap™​

Helping busy people boost their resilience with 24/7 virtual support

In summary, the value of the program includes:

  • Ready Resilience Roadmap 12 Week Framework ($1200 value)
  • Ready Resilience Virtual Coach App Content ($2400 value)
  • Initial Personal Resilience Psychometric Assessment & Report ($350 value)
  • Second Personal Resilience Psychometric Assessment & Report ($350 value)
  • Monthly On Demand Webinar Sessions ($1200 value)

A total value of $5,500

Get started today for just $495

Prices in AUD$. Payment plan also available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to the most common questions.


Please note that this program is not a crisis service, and is not a replacement for medical advice or therapy.

Does the Virtual Coach App work on all devices?

How much time will it take each day?

Why do you drip-feed the content each week?

Do you offer 1-on-1 support?

How do I access the monthly sessions?

Every 4th week you will have access to a new monthly lab session within your Program Portal which you can watch on demand 24/7.

How long do I have access to the program?

Do you offer refunds?

What is the payment plan option?


Ready Resilience Roadmap™

Take your first step in boosting your resilience and having 24/7 virtual support!

  • Created for busy people on the go, this scientifically-based resilience program is designed to fit into your lifestyle – anytime, anywhere by harnessing the power of micro-task learning.

  • Gain detailed scientific insights into your wellbeing, resilience and effectiveness with personalised psychometric testing that will track your improvements over time.

  • Be guided through exactly what to quickly do, step-by-step, only focusing on what scientifically works and not wasting your time.

  • The program uses practical neurohacking and biohacking tools, including clever 'stealth' techniques you can use without anyone even knowing.

  • Chat 24/7 to the friendly chatbot to cope with ever increasing demands and daily stresses that personalises its responses and suggestions as you interact with it.

  • Access hundreds of engaging activities based on your strengths in 6 modern key areas of resilience that you can learn at your own pace and time.

  • Best of all, the program is interactive & fun to do, and you can use what you’ve learnt immediately. You will have skills that you can use for the rest of your life.

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